Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I want to write something thought provoking and revolutionary...yet i know I am called to keep it simple and understood. But i guess sometimes its the "understood" things that not many truly understand. 
Like God's Love, for example. God gave me a revelation about His Love this summer. It was nothing that I had never heard in a message,sermon, or song before. It was in the middle of a crowded worship session where I was practically being beat up by the large fellows behind me, distracted by the tone-deaf boy beside me, trying to avoid getting too close to the scantly  clad girls in front of me, and move closer to the stage, where the ever-captivating Phil Wickham was singing his heart out. so while trying to sing about Loving God and giving my all in worship, God was just like, hey no, you've got it all wrong.

"My Love is unconditional; you are loving conditionally. 
Those guys who seem too close are just trying to worship-whether in dance or silence
I didn't give him a great singing voice because he doesn't need it.he's a great leader anyway.
I love those girls,For I look at the heart. I wish instead of scrutinizing, people would show love and show them how to love,honor,and respect themselves, and by doing so, they show love, respect,and honor to me.
The worship leader is no greater than all of these. I love him the same. 
Love my people like I love my people. You will love Me like I call you to love.

so God and I had a talk the other day. I was thinking about Love and how there are different ways people prefer to be loved and feel more loved: 
Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time.
I, by the way, am most definitely a quality time person. I desire to spend time with people I love, and that's how I truly know I am loved. 
God desires to be loved in ALL these ways. After all, He invented them,perfected them,and loves us in all of these ways. 
Words of affirmation-The Bible!it's a love note we can read all the time! 
Physical touch- well, while not literal, He sends people our way to share love with us. He also sends his Holy Spirit to touch our hearts and comfort us.
Acts of Service-he makes us breathe. He made our favorite flower. He paints the sky with majestic colors for us to enjoy. HE GAVE HIS SON FOR US. Thats the greatest act of service EVER.
Receiving Gifts- He gave us his Son, he gives us second chances, he gives us life, he gives us Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Quality time- HE'S ALWAYS THERE! 

so lets love God in ALL these ways!
Words of Affirmation- truly tell God how much you love him, from the depths of your heart, from the core of your soul.
Physical Touch- while we can't physically touch God, we can Physically love our neighbor, as He commands. and we can Physically reach out to God in worship in an act of adoration and praise.
Acts of Service- do like John says- Faith without works is dead.Serve God's people. that makes him Smile. 
Receiving Gifts- Offer your all. give your tithes and offering. "Give your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice."
Quality time-spend time with your savior, maker, best friend, and father by reading his love notes, by talking to him, by taking time out of your hectic life for Just You and God. set aside time to worship God on your own. Be Still and know that He is God.

Have an Awesome Valentines Day, with whomever it is that you love. Don't forget to always come back to your First Love though. : )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Style, Style, Style

Head to toe Sydney street style

perfect example of aussie hair-natural looking waves and curls, natural colors,very beachy.
(btw- i REALLY wanna do my hair this color red! i LOVE it!)

so the main theme here is long,simple, and colorful necklaces: somewhat understated, but eye-catching.
layered bracelets,sunglasses, and regular watch=my fave:easy and goes with anything!

okay, im done putting these in catagories. so here goes
layer everything!also tights are a BIG deal apparently.
see!more tights!also, note the neck scarf,and belt.i love belting things!and i can do this really easily since i layer all the time anyway and have tons of scarves and belts!
 I LOVE this casual look, simple shoulder bag, easy hair, awesome shirt that looks almost like a men's shirt. baggy shirts are the best.

so this is pretty bad in my opinion. pink mom jeans with lace top tucked in  is what it looks like to me. but after looking through MANY pictures, it seems they tuck nearly everything in. so odd to me because i havent done that since i was wearing uniforms in elementary school! those were bad style times in my  life.
i love these outfits so much! i would wear both of them in a heart beat!

so i dont care for these long socks with a skirt, but this girl is too cute with her asian ness and all. i love her hair!the outfit is great!
i love this simple dress. dressy enough but comfy!

now for the worst part:shoes. i hate shoes. and any of these shoes from Oz are quite tragic in my opinion.
these are cute, but make my feet look odd, i've tried it

yuck!is it a heel or a tennis shoe?

are they heels or are there ace bandages wrapped around her feet?

so there ya have it folks. after much research, this is my basic conclusion of the basics of Sydney street style. I'm going to try to start dressing more in this way gradually so maybe i can fit in better when i arrive! Enjoy the Playlist i left to go along with it. all of the music is by native Aussies.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paint Me Crimson

I know you are here, so why don't i feel you like a second skin?
Emptiness is not of holiness, unless it regards selflessness.
Faith is evidence of what is hoped for,
Hope is what I long the most for.
I won't waste your redemption by not living in your freedom,
So Paint Me Crimson, a rouge as deep as your passion.
So Paint Me Crimson, inescapable Crimson to match your words.
Paint Me Crimson, so I will know the depths of your heart.