Sunday, May 9, 2010

choir things

so i went with 17 other rebel choir members to the state solo and small ensemble competition in natchitoches Saturday. it was a great experience and tons of fun! i love all these people! this trip made me even more excited for the soon coming Europe trip because a trip all these crazy folks(plus over 100 more) is gonna be so much fun.
another pro of the trip- i now know i will not ever go to college at NSU. i couldnt handle four years of going to a college that has devil heads and pictures of devils and such everywhere! that kind of creeped me out..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

random thoughts about life: by Kaitlyn Wheat

1. in order to have a fun time, all one needs is a nice ball. you dont even have to have anyone with you, but it's even more fun if you do. i could seriously entertain myself for hours with just a good big bouncy ball.


3.Things always start dying RIGHT AFTER the warranty expires. (my ipod is doing this currently.)

4.volleyball is the funnest sport ever!

5.Word of advice on how to be more positive: (im about to quote relient k): "it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when your happy to be alive." i try to live by this quote. its an amazing one. things in life will be so much better if they are just looked at in the correct perspective.

6. saving money is great and everyone should do it... but saving $3000 without even a real job is hard. BUT- to all you people that say you cant save money- dont give me that crap! it can be done if you really want to!!! as Ryan Lowe would say "you can do anything you put your mind too.. with God's help!"

7.plan for your future, but have back up plans please! situations and passions in life can change in an instant, and then you have to start all over or at least significantly alter your plans. as the old saying goes "dont count your chickens before they hatch!" also, fully rely on God to lead you down the paths He wants to take you.and trust him-He really does know what He's doing, whether it makes sense or not.

        a. JUST because i am now a single teenager who has always had more guy friends than girl friends, DOESNT MEAN i should be paired up with any of them now! so enough with the pairing up thing,alright pals! i just got out of a relationship, what makes you people think i want another right away?
        b. i have no time for a boy in my life. i barely have time for friends! so girls: be smart. make sure your priorities lie in the right place. if you do have a boyfriend, please always keep that relationship in prayers and always make God the center of the relationship.also, know your schedule and what you should do! what you should do and what you could do are totally different!
         c. im totally a romantic. i love love. love is great. love is awesome. butterflies are fun and new likings are exciting. but anyone-please take this scripture, memorize, and meditate - song of solomon 2:7 "Do Not Awaken Love Until It So Desires." take that and think.

9.strawberry lemonade is the greatest thing known to mankind.

10.random thought about my life: so i think i have my plan down. its new, but it makes total sense!!! in college(im REALLLY leaning towards Lee University in Chattanooga, Tennessee..) i will major in Music Education so i can always be a music director AND be teacher certified if i need to teach at a school. AND THEN i'll minor in Music Business&Merchandising. i like business, i like dealing with money, and i like music. put the three together and you have  music business! and instead of taking the "youth" pathway of the Pastoral Leadership stream at Hillsong College, i am seriously thinking about doing the "events" pathway. because im awesome at organizing and such.