Monday, March 14, 2011


he may not have sent a rainbow...nor a double rainbow...
but He sent a shooting star : )
I knew that it had to be His sign to me Saturday night. I had never seen one before then, and about 10 seconds before i saw it, I straight up told God:

"Hey You, where's my Rainbow? When will you hold up your end of the deal?"

and then it shot across the sky, with a tail of beautiful shades of blue and green.

And only 20 minutes later, His promise came true.

Does God ever test your faith just to make sure you are aware and paying attention?
Does God ever confuse the mess out of you?
Well good. He's supposed to.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



i know you say you keep promises....
so when are you going to fulfill them???
how about a double rainbow here?
even one?

your confused daughter.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr.Kent and I

so, on account of Emily's moving out, i have gained a pet in my possession- clark kent, the cat.(if only it were the REAL mr.kent actor from smallville aka tom welling that i gained!haha). i do say, i never particularly cared for clark in the past. i used to like cats fine, but for some reason he always used to bothered me. i think it's partly because he meows NONSTOP, otherwise its because he's always thought i was his mom and my room was his room(thanks to emily staying in it the first few weeks of his life and also never being home.)

anyways, since I'm stuck with this thing, im trying to get to like him. key word trying.
i still refuse to feed him personally as of now. that's still daddy's job.
but mr.kent and i had a nice bonding moment earlier.i was cleaning up and out emily's old room. he woke up from his nap and walked to the doorway, and just stopped and looked around oddly. and just stared and cocked his head. i know's different and changing, but it's okay.
as i sit and type this, he is curled up on my legs,purring away.
he's a weirdo, but maybe we can work something out as far as getting along.
one different day at a time.

p.s-he does serve as a great leg warmer!