Sunday, October 31, 2010

I almost forgot!

yyyyayyyy!!!im so pumped!
i found out like, 2 weeks ago.
so i am officially going to go to live in Sydney, Australia  for a year in July for Bible college! I'm over joyed to see what God has in store for me there and what he's going to do in my life! Without him, this opportunity wouldn't be available, and without him, i definately wouldn't be doing this, because I'm doing it for Him!

Friday, October 29, 2010

When time and space are through, I'll be found in You.

I never know what to title these things.

so life has been pretty low key lately. I still haven't figured out how my life can be both low key and CRAZY all at the same time. It's not so much crazy but i think i just have a crazy-busy scheduled life of low-key events. yes,that is it.
Anyway, homecoming(and when i say homecoming, i am referring to the entire week long extravaganza surrounding the matter.) went very well! It was lots of fun, especially the show! It encompassed me yelling A LOT(dumb interact, you guys...y'all really know how to get on one's nerves.), moving a ton of stuff(and therefor getting lots of bumps,scrapes,and bruises), singing, dancing, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, dance parties backstage,and everything else you can possibly imagine. the homecoming football game was quite boring, and the dance was okay. I'm not much for dancing and such that high schoolers call dancing:a.k.a-the only thing stopping you from getting pregnant is your jeans! BUT, we had an Alto 2 sleepover at my house afterwards, and it was so much fun! I love those girls : )
Also, I made LMEA All State SATB choir! I'm so excited! It's gonna be great! Going to 2nd round try outs was really fun too- I rode down to Pineville with my awesome friend Ryan Taylor and his dad, Mr.Jeff. I totally fist pumped it out :) AANNDD i got to see my kid's camp friend JoAnna Waite at Johnny Carino's! Much of the all state music is extremely hard and it's quite intimidating.

Abby, Kaylea, and I are doing a  21 day fast. I can't fast food because of health conditions,but i am doing no technology(unless entirely necessary) after 9 pm. AND i am posting Philippians 4:8 EVERYWHERE.
          "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Anything that does not agree with this scripture, i will have no part of. So if I turn on the t.v, and there is trash that doesn't agree with God's word, whether I like the show or not, I turn it off. If i turn on a c.d or radio station that places something opposing to this scripture:something impure, something that promotes false thinking, something unrighteous-I proceed to turn it off. It has done wonders for my thought processes during the day and for my quite times at night.

Far Too Long have we been more concerned with entertainment than the conditions of our minds.
Far Too Long have we partaken in damnable things.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"because we're seniors, that's why!"

 yes, the title is basically me and Cailtin McCarty's response to basically everything here lately...and it's so much fun! To bad high school waited to get good until this year! but I've found it to be true that things are much more fun when you make them fun or funny yourself! I'm actually being all high school student-like for the first time in my high school career! so, 10 things i've learned in my senior year:

1.Pep rallies are much more fun when you at least fake some school spirit. 
2.Football games are more fun with friends while sitting in the crazy student section. 
3.Running down to the field after the game screaming/singing the alma mater that I don't even know all the words to is well worth all the turf in your shoes because it's just funny.
4. Staying for bible study on Wednesdays is BEYOND worth getting home late.
5. Monday morning prayer and FCS on Tuesdays is certainly worth waking up early for! 
6. Complementing everything/ everyone in sight makes Mondays  a lot better! (so join me in making Mondays Compliment Monday!)
7.Inspirational Fridays are great and make Fridays even more fun! It's a quite simple thing to do that will brighten you and your friends' day: tell everyone how cool and awesome they are at everything all day long. and poof!instant happy day! it gets pretty funny as well! :) 
8. There is NEVER a bad time for some awesome Jesus conversations!
9.The only way to pass Pre-Calculus is to either find an awesome friend who has an inkling of what on earth is going on or go in waaayyy to early in the morning for tutoring.yuck. 
10. 10 Second dance parties are so much fun, and are quite hysterical to both do and watch!

anyways, i find out in like, 3 weeks whether i made it into Hillsong International Leadership College or not!i sent in my application like 2 weeks ago! i feel OLD! i shouldn't filling out college applications!whats up with that?

In other news, Homecoming is in like 2 weeks. I feel as if i should go because it's my last chance to, but I still have no idea if i even want to go,much less who with.I dont really care either way about any of it, ha ha. I was in Fire In Salem's new music video, which was SO much fun to shoot, and I'm going to be in a book trailer for Leslie Lamb's book "Kiss, Bang, Boom" tomorrow, so that should be fun as well! And i LOVE my "job"
 i have this year:picking up Lake, Mia, and Noah from school and then keeping Lake everyday. Those kids are awesome :)

and that is the not-so-exciting life of Kaitlyn Wheat. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"so what do you wanna do in life?"

i've always hated this question. allot. because all i knew is that i wanted to worship, and lead people into God's presence through worship music.
but as of wednesday God shared with me a more specific purpose for my life. (praise God! i was getting kind of nervous! i mean, not to put a time limit on GOS but im a senior in high school so i dont have much time left!)
so next time someone asks me "so are you going to do after high school?'
i really wanna just tell them "I'm going to completely screw up the way worship ministry is done."
ya see,its a hard pill for me to swallow cause it's kind of overwhelming, but i had this idea on Monday afternoon that i really wanna change the way we do morning worship at's so dead and phases nearly no i had this little thought "i really want to revolutionize morning worship" and moved on with my daily chores. wednesday night God basically told me this and straight this. "you are going to help revolutionize worship ministrry."
so alrighty,there ya go. that's what Kaitlyn is going to do.and no, i'm not going to wait until I "grow up" for me to start working towards that. praise God He's told me "you're almost done all the growing you can do here." because I'm about to spontaneously combust.for real.

Just as a thought from God: lets start putting aside pansy prayers and repetive prayers about ourselves and focus on GOD. isnt that who we are praying to? have we all forgotten who and what life is about? if we haven't then why are our PRAYERS focused so much on us and so little on HIM and the needs and lost souls of the ones around us?
since when do we pray more about security of our knowing our own directions for the future instead of seeing the need to pray over the soul of a homosexual friend who will rot in hell if ways are not changed or praying over a friend who is trying to decide between abortion or life.

where have our priorities gone to?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Love Story

What would I do if not for you,who would I be all by myself?
Where would I be if you were not with me,to whom would I turn when desperate for help?
Oh it's you and only You who makes my world spin round,It's you and only you who romances me so wildly,it's you and oh only you who can calm the storm inside me.
Only you can take this restless heart and make this life renewed.
oh I love you forever more,you and only you.

You spin me around and around again, it's the most brilliant,pure dance.
You sweep me off my feet just to hold me close then you lead the dance and I follow you.
I've never been so in love before,I feel do incredible,not just another girl.
As my beloved takes my hand and he asks me to dance,
I am swept away and realize the one who is holds the world is holding my hand!
Romancing the heart,wooing me in this love story so divine,
capturing my attention,my heart leaps with glee.

His beauty:overwhelming. His charm:captivating.
The way he loves so tenderly and sweet,just the mention of his name makes me smile continuously! He sweeps me off my feet and will never let me fall!
My prince,my beloved,my true love, I'd not just a prince but the King of all.
And he calls me,he loves me,he beckons for me,and hold my hand.
I am loved OUTRAGOUSLY by The King of Kings
Loved Outragously for all my days.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

choir things

so i went with 17 other rebel choir members to the state solo and small ensemble competition in natchitoches Saturday. it was a great experience and tons of fun! i love all these people! this trip made me even more excited for the soon coming Europe trip because a trip all these crazy folks(plus over 100 more) is gonna be so much fun.
another pro of the trip- i now know i will not ever go to college at NSU. i couldnt handle four years of going to a college that has devil heads and pictures of devils and such everywhere! that kind of creeped me out..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

random thoughts about life: by Kaitlyn Wheat

1. in order to have a fun time, all one needs is a nice ball. you dont even have to have anyone with you, but it's even more fun if you do. i could seriously entertain myself for hours with just a good big bouncy ball.


3.Things always start dying RIGHT AFTER the warranty expires. (my ipod is doing this currently.)

4.volleyball is the funnest sport ever!

5.Word of advice on how to be more positive: (im about to quote relient k): "it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when your happy to be alive." i try to live by this quote. its an amazing one. things in life will be so much better if they are just looked at in the correct perspective.

6. saving money is great and everyone should do it... but saving $3000 without even a real job is hard. BUT- to all you people that say you cant save money- dont give me that crap! it can be done if you really want to!!! as Ryan Lowe would say "you can do anything you put your mind too.. with God's help!"

7.plan for your future, but have back up plans please! situations and passions in life can change in an instant, and then you have to start all over or at least significantly alter your plans. as the old saying goes "dont count your chickens before they hatch!" also, fully rely on God to lead you down the paths He wants to take you.and trust him-He really does know what He's doing, whether it makes sense or not.

        a. JUST because i am now a single teenager who has always had more guy friends than girl friends, DOESNT MEAN i should be paired up with any of them now! so enough with the pairing up thing,alright pals! i just got out of a relationship, what makes you people think i want another right away?
        b. i have no time for a boy in my life. i barely have time for friends! so girls: be smart. make sure your priorities lie in the right place. if you do have a boyfriend, please always keep that relationship in prayers and always make God the center of the relationship.also, know your schedule and what you should do! what you should do and what you could do are totally different!
         c. im totally a romantic. i love love. love is great. love is awesome. butterflies are fun and new likings are exciting. but anyone-please take this scripture, memorize, and meditate - song of solomon 2:7 "Do Not Awaken Love Until It So Desires." take that and think.

9.strawberry lemonade is the greatest thing known to mankind.

10.random thought about my life: so i think i have my plan down. its new, but it makes total sense!!! in college(im REALLLY leaning towards Lee University in Chattanooga, Tennessee..) i will major in Music Education so i can always be a music director AND be teacher certified if i need to teach at a school. AND THEN i'll minor in Music Business&Merchandising. i like business, i like dealing with money, and i like music. put the three together and you have  music business! and instead of taking the "youth" pathway of the Pastoral Leadership stream at Hillsong College, i am seriously thinking about doing the "events" pathway. because im awesome at organizing and such.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

national day of prayer cancelled

On the first Thursday of May, dedicated as the National Day of Prayer, President George W. Bush hosted an ecumenical service in the East Room, a big public endorsement of evangelical Christians. (This event is different from the National Prayer Breakfast, held outside the White House gates every year on the first Thursday of February.)

President Obama opted not to have a service in the White House this year.

"Prayer is something that the president does every day," explained White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, adding that Obama will sign a proclamation to recognize the day. "I think the president understands, in his own life and in his family's life, the role that prayer plays."

Apparently the current rumor picked up steam among evangelical Christians on Facebook. The attempt was and is being made to paint President Obama as being irreligious, in order to smear and demean the President. Yet the fact remains, Obama continues to identify himself as a Christian.

Obama's choice to end the National Day of Prayer service is a welcome move. Religious services do not belong in the White House, which is, after all, the people's house. The ideal would be to cancel the National Day of Prayer all together, since our nation has no business endorsing prayer of any kind.

The National Day of Prayer service was started by George W. Bush. It was an openly evangelical Christian affair, and was highly inappropriate for an official White House function. It was offensive to all non Christians.

Christians must learn that not everyone subscribes to their silly superstition. Their superstition has no business being privileged or even recognized by the federal government. 

While it is regrettable that an intelligent and wise man like President Obama would profess faith in such superstitious non-sense; it is nevertheless comforting to know he will not hold a National Day of Prayer service at the White House.

this is what many in our nation believe now.
a group from Oregon wrote this.
isnt it splendid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

break my heart for what breaks yours.

"we are guilty, not being all we should be, look at your own self and see we are all guilty.
i am so guilty.
respect her ignorance just in case she takes offense, the darkness thats killing her, well its just not my concern.
how could i have been so polite to simply let them die?" -lasey mosley  (of flyleaf) is one wise young lady. her lyrics above cut me deep.

high school is stupid and the people in it are ridiculous. they just dont understand.
they say "ive found this new religion and there's nothing any one can do to make me turn back to your God now."

news flash!: someone(or something)influenced you so much that they turned you against Him, someone(or something) else can influence you so much that you'll come back to what you know is right: the only way that's right.

please oh please dont be so blind
for the way back home is not hard to find
how can you think you can survive all alone?
how can you live your life knowing what you know?
in your darkest hour is when you found the light,
well in a world of gray, i see how you lost sight
the world's influence was stronger than ours
now we see where we've let you drown.

No, the fault is not all mine,
hid it under a bushel yes, i did not brighter shine.
knowing the road was long and narrow, i did not stop you from falling away
but your pushing away was so well performed that i did not care to stay.
i've realized where ive gone wrong,for i should have seen the signs,
but you on the other hand have willfully and knowingly abandoned the light.

there's not much left that i can do here,
but to let my light shine much more clear
so next time, there wont be a next time,
and an aethesist's opininion wont be better than mine.

im praying for the day when you wake up and know
that there are still are saints crying for you,  'come back home'.
I pray whatever God must do to intervene and draw you close
and ye wayward child will run back home.

for hope is something i will not ignore
for i know hope is what brought you to Him before.

my heart is aching for you,yet i will not give up
because i know upon my hands is your blood.

I will not care if  offend you while trying to help
for offense is something that to you is not often dealt.
I will simply live out the truth,
and when that's not enough i will share my heart with you.
I pray God opens doors for each of us,
and I pray the best for you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

they say a picture's worth a thousand words!

they say a picture's worth a thousand words...
so here ya go for this blog.

it consists of soley spring break!it was a fun one this year!

this is my uncle(great unlce) john's beautiful horse

so this is just a classic "emily,ty,kaitlyn" picture.

so theres this really awesome field behind abbys house that made for cool pics

emily,ashley,and i made up the band PTL for the PURE FREEDOM weekend

Abby and I modeled prom dresses in the dillards prom fashion show

played outside..i just thought this made a cool pic

and made molten lava cake!!! it was soooo goood!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You make worthy of love and beautiful

Wow, so Emily and I had the amazing opportunity to lead worship and to lead the bible study sessions for the 3rd-5th graders at a girls weekend in Winnsborrow, LA. The weekend was called Pure Freedom and consisted of pouring into the girls' lives about purity,God's love,and true beauty. It was truly an impactful weekend for the jr.high/high school girls: there was alot of opening up and hearts being poured out to God at the foot of the cross. I truly think some relationships with the girls and their mothers(who were also there) were built up and strengthened from the time they got to the church until the till they left,and I'm hoping the girls continue to work on their relationships with their moms.
I think i counted like 27 girls&moms total.
Emily and I had 8 3rd-5th graders in our group that we kept up with for the weekend. Those girls were
awesome,hysterical, darling,and crazy all at th same time. they were great.

One girl specifically was the coolest to me: Analise. she was 7 and in third grade cause she skipped 2nd grade. she was too cute with her long brown hair,tiny stature,and cute little glasses. she was my favorite. she loves to read,twirl around constantly in circles, and she has her life planned out at 7.
"I'm not going to date boys yet. I'll start dating at 18,and then at 22 I'm going to become a teacher and THEN i might get married. But boys are silly anyways."
i love that kid. ha, one of the girls,Rachael,3rd grade, informed me that she had a boyfriend and he cheated on her so then she cheated on him and so they broke up,but now they are back together and "we're working things out real good,we really are,we workin em out"
(what on earth does "working things out" consist of when your 8??haha)

so we tried to do a little "dating" damage control:
Mary:"i have 3 boyfriends" Italic
Me:"um,yeah that's most certainly illegal and you should definatly break up with all 3 of them like,right now."
Mary: "but they're all so cute!"
Me:"im sure they wont look to cute when they are all mad at you for cheating on them!you dont ever date more than one person at a time.EVER."
Mary:"aww man.."

Im hoping something from our messages got through! they seemed to all retain the info really well though.

God is so amazing, how he uses people. I cant believe he used me to do this! I mean really, his ways are soo above my knowledge.
He used
this chick, me: I used to hate everything about myself. I might have had the most obscured vision of what beauty really was.
But then I finally realized the way God sees me and how HE made me beautifully,and
I shall accept no ones opinion of me that does line up with God's opinion of me,even if that opinion is my own.
He used me to take what took me forever to learn and share that with other girls and help them realize that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL through Christ Jesus. WE ARE fearfully,and wonderfully made!

Friday, March 5, 2010

it's been far too long.

it has been far too long since i last updated!
lets see, the saturday before valentines day was the last time i, ALOT has happened since then!

and the filling in begins...

so first off i got 2 fillings,how exciting...(Dentists work for the devil, i am convinced that you sell your soul when you sign up for dentistry offense to you christian dentists out there, but you punks cause me so much pain. it's not my fault i have genetically bad teeth!)

also, i got ill have to post a pic later. they are cute and all, but glasses are a hassle. apparently my eyes have "lagging focus" and im farsighted.(whatever that all means!)so im currently writing wearing glasses cause the doc told me too...

in other news, i am no longer in a relationship(that sounds so much better than putting "im single") as of last wednesday. Im fine with it. I know it was what i was supposed to do. I dont understand God very much, but i trust him, and thats all that needs to happen. above all else, i just dont think i have time for a boyfriend, and he didnt really have time either. growing up sucks. it does. people grow up and different in the process.
can i please go back to being 13?when the world was good? i loved 8th grade. yes, all my friends seemed to lose their minds then, but compared to now,the problems and issues were alot easier! helping a friend get over a "hurtful breakup" after "dating" a guy for 2 weeks at 13 years old is alot easier than trying to prevent your friend from sleeping around with her 'christian' friend while skipping class against their parents will along with keeping them from taking their own lives into their hands. Gosh, why?

i wanna be four again like brayden earnst, just running around outside without a care in the world singing nonstop "jesus loves me this i know..."
that would be heaven.

also, west monroe choirs went to choir festival at ULM and we all made 1's..which is superior rating!yay us!

and i found i made honor choir! yay

that is all for now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Je suis tombe sur mes genoux, offrant tous de moi.
Jesus, vous etes tous ce coeur est vivant pour.

I'm falling on my knees, offering all of me.
Jesus, You're all this heart is living for.

Happy Valentine's Day folks!

God's really been pulling on my heart to get my joy back. anyone remember my post on how at camp He filled me with such a spirit of joy that i could not stop laughing for 2 hours? yeah. Wednesday, God threatened me,in a way,..ha. i was sitting in band practice Wednesday.(filler: this week, idk....have you ever had nothing wrong at all yet you just feel so extremely apathetic and/or just generally down and you can't figure out why?yeah, this week in a nutshell.)and as i was waiting for everyone to finish turning up, i was just really not wanting to be there and God just said "Kaitlyn, what happened to your joy?",do what God? "What happened to your joy?where'd it go?why did you let it get away?"...well um,you see God...uh.."Kaitlyn,Dont make me do a repeat of camp to get you joyful again. I will do it right here,right now if I need to.."..okay God! i see i see...let me work on that,Help.i just NEED help,your help
.I don't want to be consumed with other things anymore, i want my joy back.
I'm on a journey to live joyfully.

Monday, January 25, 2010

money,money,money,must be funny in a rich man's world.

so i've found this out regarding Hillsong International Leadership College:

pastoral leadership fee:4,169.12
recognition of prior learning application fee:135.949
application fee for overseas students:181.26
accomidation administration fee: 135.946
health cover premium:339.84
rental bond:362.21
mattress: 135.83

total= $5461.16 american dollars to attend hillsong college(and that doesnt include the approximate $250 cost of living a week.) thatd be about $6,031.08 in Australian dollars.

oh dear. thats a lot of moolahh. $5000 will be covered,praise the Lord.
as soon as this Europe trip saving is over with, I'm apparently gonna need to save money for a year of college life in Australia.
i know i can do it if it is truly God's will. i've saved so much this year to pay my way to Europe with the choir( i cannot wait for that!!only about 120 days left!!).
i just really wanna blow some big bucks,haha. im tired of saving money! oh well, i suppose this IS real life. hoorayy....

Perhaps this is what comes from singing "i will follow you anywhere you want me to" gets a person when they truly mean it. but honestly, i couldnt be more excited about the future. im not even scared anymore like i used to be. i have such a truly God given peace about after-high school plans that it amazes even me. other wise, i would be freaking out right about now!
thank you Lord for peace,overwhelming peace : )

go meat!

i love, i love meat oodles and oodles. i love meat far more than noodles.

all you vegetarians out there, you can have your soy cause im eating meat!

bacon may be the best invention in the world. 2nd is steak.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


sometimes i like to curl in to a ball.

not really. well,yes really, but thats beside the point.

do you ever sometimes just feel like you have so many thoughts racing through your mind that you just want to go FLAPERSNGALEFITZERGAGERBLAHMAHANASHA!!!!!! Really loudly? i hope im not the only one. but the catch here,not much pressing is really on my mind. i hope i dont absorb my time thinking to deeply on frivolous thoughts, but i hope that im doing all this thinking or planning or considering for something and not in vain. that would....that would suck.
but then at the same time, i have a ton going on in my head that i think is important...
oh who am i kidding?or am i kidding at all? oh my gosh, i confuse even myself.

sometimes, i just want to be something. at anything.i want to be genuinly superior at something. i really and truly do.
sometimes, i just want to know im great at anything. im done with being decent or good. can i be great at something?am i even known for being great at anything?
sometimes, i just want to know that i am captivating. not cute,pretty,nice, or interesting.adjectives as such are not quite fulfilling. i mean they are fine, but i truly desire to be captivating.i desire to be captivating from the inside out.
what do i think captivating is?lovely, pleasant demeanor that radiates. not only appearance speaking but in presence. something captivating is pure and breath taking. it has a light about it that is irresistable. it draws people to it.

is being captivating even an obtainable goal? is it possible for someone to possess even a few captivating qualities?
i hope so. my goal is to be captivating. pure and lovely.a joy. i learned just about last year that looking and acting like the world is over rated. for so long i tried to blend but still stand my ground. those two dont mix. i want to be known for something. i want to be known for being christ like, not just a christian(because that term has been nearly destoryed.has it not?) and Christ was truly captivating.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

who's gonna run this town tonight?

why is Run This Town by Rhianna and Jay Z and whoever else always pop in my head all the time?im not even the biggest fan of that song! it doesn't even make a whole lot of sense to me anyway: how can anyone not in political power or part of a mob run a town?
that's it! Rhianna and Jay Z must be mobsters.(or mobster and mobster-ette.)ah ha. thats how they "run the town"..i got cha now...

last night, Flood. got to play at an awesome Burn service at New Destiny AG,and it was an awesome time of prayer and continuous worship. God moves in such cool unexplainable ways!let me tell ya 'bout my beesst friend!:so,i was praying and singing and whatnot when Fire and Salem were playing and God just said "if you pick up your Bible and open it, i have something cool to show you". so i did. Ezekiel 37,the verses about the valley of dry bones(long story short:God leads Ezekiel through a valley filled with bones and God asks"can these bones live?" and so he responded"only you know". then God told him to prophecy over the bones and tell them that God said he would bring the bones together to form living bodies again.he would breathe his breathe of life into them and they would live again.and then..well just read 37:12-14 for yourself to get to the really good part!)and i was just thinkin "wow,this is like, God saying that we will be fully alive when he breathes his life into us.we wont be unpassionate or unexcited about God.we will be ready to stand in boldness and live life boldly as we are called to do. the cool part here:i shared that with my friend Macy and she was just like,oh my gosh, check this out: God had just said to her(and she wrote it down) i will breathe my breathe of life in you....
how cool is he!so clearly,when he says something:he means business. what he tells us sometimes,its not just for me,its not just for you: its for the benefit of all His children.

relatively similar thing happened last Sunday: God told me Sunday during second service "hey,your gonna wanna wear water-proof mascara tonight" and i got this strong feeling that God was going to move big time in the service. so i told Abby what he said and she said she felt the exact same way about how the night service was going to be incredibly filled with powerful things. another connection God has made.

last night, i really,really,really felt God leading me to share what he had showed me in the scripture,but i was freaking out! one of my biggest uncomforbilities(im not afraid of it,i just dont like to!) is speaking in public! but i shared what he told me too, and i made it through. since when do you ask me to prophecy something God? dont you know that i dont like speaking? stick me in front of any number crowd with a piano or a microphone to sing with,but speaking is a different story!
well, i guess thats what i get for just recently admitting that i would like to get over my fear of praying aloud in public!(due to a traumatic 8th grade experience..but that's another story.)

my,my, i write,ramble alot!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i would like to know....

why on earth do people take pictures with their tongues out while looking off into no man's land and you can see their own arm in the picture because they took that very picture themselves...then post it on the world wide web and people say "oh what an amazing picture" .......?

why on earth is this thing called a dashboard or something?(maybe I'm just new to this whole thing,but i don't understand.)

why on earth i set three separate alarms in the morning because i refuse to simply press the snooze button because i do not trust it?(or maybe that's just me)

what really is the difference between a folk song and an art song and why does it matter?

why are 16 year olds supposed to have their entire future planned out already??

why does it take 21 days to make or break a habit? why 21?that's so random...

why do teachers give homework?really?is over 7 hours of education crammed down one's throat a day not enough??

why do cupcakes taste so much better(typically) than a slice of cake?

what makes the difference between a hot natured person or a cold natured one??

i wonder why curiosity killed the cat?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new and improved

so i was just informed by my sister that Live Journal is for the birds..
still going to keep mine,but i will probably do this more.
still working things out! i am not very computer literate, but i try to just doesnt work out very well!

thought for the day:"if the devil doesn't like it,he can sit on a tack"...oh dear!a tack! i bet he goes running in fear from that..just like "a hedge of protection"..because I'm sure Satan cant get past shrubbery..

more later when i figure this thing out!