Friday, March 5, 2010

it's been far too long.

it has been far too long since i last updated!
lets see, the saturday before valentines day was the last time i, ALOT has happened since then!

and the filling in begins...

so first off i got 2 fillings,how exciting...(Dentists work for the devil, i am convinced that you sell your soul when you sign up for dentistry offense to you christian dentists out there, but you punks cause me so much pain. it's not my fault i have genetically bad teeth!)

also, i got ill have to post a pic later. they are cute and all, but glasses are a hassle. apparently my eyes have "lagging focus" and im farsighted.(whatever that all means!)so im currently writing wearing glasses cause the doc told me too...

in other news, i am no longer in a relationship(that sounds so much better than putting "im single") as of last wednesday. Im fine with it. I know it was what i was supposed to do. I dont understand God very much, but i trust him, and thats all that needs to happen. above all else, i just dont think i have time for a boyfriend, and he didnt really have time either. growing up sucks. it does. people grow up and different in the process.
can i please go back to being 13?when the world was good? i loved 8th grade. yes, all my friends seemed to lose their minds then, but compared to now,the problems and issues were alot easier! helping a friend get over a "hurtful breakup" after "dating" a guy for 2 weeks at 13 years old is alot easier than trying to prevent your friend from sleeping around with her 'christian' friend while skipping class against their parents will along with keeping them from taking their own lives into their hands. Gosh, why?

i wanna be four again like brayden earnst, just running around outside without a care in the world singing nonstop "jesus loves me this i know..."
that would be heaven.

also, west monroe choirs went to choir festival at ULM and we all made 1's..which is superior rating!yay us!

and i found i made honor choir! yay

that is all for now.

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  1. I always think that when I babysit. "Why can't I be this age again?! Gracious!"

    And have you worn the glasses around me?! You must soon, if I haven't seen them.