Thursday, April 15, 2010

national day of prayer cancelled

On the first Thursday of May, dedicated as the National Day of Prayer, President George W. Bush hosted an ecumenical service in the East Room, a big public endorsement of evangelical Christians. (This event is different from the National Prayer Breakfast, held outside the White House gates every year on the first Thursday of February.)

President Obama opted not to have a service in the White House this year.

"Prayer is something that the president does every day," explained White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, adding that Obama will sign a proclamation to recognize the day. "I think the president understands, in his own life and in his family's life, the role that prayer plays."

Apparently the current rumor picked up steam among evangelical Christians on Facebook. The attempt was and is being made to paint President Obama as being irreligious, in order to smear and demean the President. Yet the fact remains, Obama continues to identify himself as a Christian.

Obama's choice to end the National Day of Prayer service is a welcome move. Religious services do not belong in the White House, which is, after all, the people's house. The ideal would be to cancel the National Day of Prayer all together, since our nation has no business endorsing prayer of any kind.

The National Day of Prayer service was started by George W. Bush. It was an openly evangelical Christian affair, and was highly inappropriate for an official White House function. It was offensive to all non Christians.

Christians must learn that not everyone subscribes to their silly superstition. Their superstition has no business being privileged or even recognized by the federal government. 

While it is regrettable that an intelligent and wise man like President Obama would profess faith in such superstitious non-sense; it is nevertheless comforting to know he will not hold a National Day of Prayer service at the White House.

this is what many in our nation believe now.
a group from Oregon wrote this.
isnt it splendid.

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