Monday, April 12, 2010

break my heart for what breaks yours.

"we are guilty, not being all we should be, look at your own self and see we are all guilty.
i am so guilty.
respect her ignorance just in case she takes offense, the darkness thats killing her, well its just not my concern.
how could i have been so polite to simply let them die?" -lasey mosley  (of flyleaf) is one wise young lady. her lyrics above cut me deep.

high school is stupid and the people in it are ridiculous. they just dont understand.
they say "ive found this new religion and there's nothing any one can do to make me turn back to your God now."

news flash!: someone(or something)influenced you so much that they turned you against Him, someone(or something) else can influence you so much that you'll come back to what you know is right: the only way that's right.

please oh please dont be so blind
for the way back home is not hard to find
how can you think you can survive all alone?
how can you live your life knowing what you know?
in your darkest hour is when you found the light,
well in a world of gray, i see how you lost sight
the world's influence was stronger than ours
now we see where we've let you drown.

No, the fault is not all mine,
hid it under a bushel yes, i did not brighter shine.
knowing the road was long and narrow, i did not stop you from falling away
but your pushing away was so well performed that i did not care to stay.
i've realized where ive gone wrong,for i should have seen the signs,
but you on the other hand have willfully and knowingly abandoned the light.

there's not much left that i can do here,
but to let my light shine much more clear
so next time, there wont be a next time,
and an aethesist's opininion wont be better than mine.

im praying for the day when you wake up and know
that there are still are saints crying for you,  'come back home'.
I pray whatever God must do to intervene and draw you close
and ye wayward child will run back home.

for hope is something i will not ignore
for i know hope is what brought you to Him before.

my heart is aching for you,yet i will not give up
because i know upon my hands is your blood.

I will not care if  offend you while trying to help
for offense is something that to you is not often dealt.
I will simply live out the truth,
and when that's not enough i will share my heart with you.
I pray God opens doors for each of us,
and I pray the best for you.

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