Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i would like to know....

why on earth do people take pictures with their tongues out while looking off into no man's land and you can see their own arm in the picture because they took that very picture themselves...then post it on the world wide web and people say "oh what an amazing picture" .......?

why on earth is this thing called a dashboard or something?(maybe I'm just new to this whole thing,but i don't understand.)

why on earth i set three separate alarms in the morning because i refuse to simply press the snooze button because i do not trust it?(or maybe that's just me)

what really is the difference between a folk song and an art song and why does it matter?

why are 16 year olds supposed to have their entire future planned out already??

why does it take 21 days to make or break a habit? why 21?that's so random...

why do teachers give homework?really?is over 7 hours of education crammed down one's throat a day not enough??

why do cupcakes taste so much better(typically) than a slice of cake?

what makes the difference between a hot natured person or a cold natured one??

i wonder why curiosity killed the cat?

1 comment:

  1. 1) Because those people are in 5th,6th, and 7th and have a facebook (for some unknown reason)

    2)your blog is not called a dashboard. The part of it that shows you your friends blog posts is.

    3) I set 2. Idk why either.

    4)I have never heard of an art song..though..that sounds rather redundant..

    5)So they can start taking the ACT as many times as possible and start applying to college in order to get the best scholarship.

    6)I have no idea. But i do know 21 days is 3 weeks...and thats why I'm the smart one.hahaha.

    7)Because of students like me, who do not pay attention well in class, and need to actually do the work on their own time so they will actually know what is going on.

    8)because i make them.

    9)i am cold natured. ty is hot natured.
    you tell me there's no difference between us.

    10)because he tried to cross the road to get some drugs and got smushed. (i can see poofer's future...)