Saturday, January 16, 2010

who's gonna run this town tonight?

why is Run This Town by Rhianna and Jay Z and whoever else always pop in my head all the time?im not even the biggest fan of that song! it doesn't even make a whole lot of sense to me anyway: how can anyone not in political power or part of a mob run a town?
that's it! Rhianna and Jay Z must be mobsters.(or mobster and mobster-ette.)ah ha. thats how they "run the town"..i got cha now...

last night, Flood. got to play at an awesome Burn service at New Destiny AG,and it was an awesome time of prayer and continuous worship. God moves in such cool unexplainable ways!let me tell ya 'bout my beesst friend!:so,i was praying and singing and whatnot when Fire and Salem were playing and God just said "if you pick up your Bible and open it, i have something cool to show you". so i did. Ezekiel 37,the verses about the valley of dry bones(long story short:God leads Ezekiel through a valley filled with bones and God asks"can these bones live?" and so he responded"only you know". then God told him to prophecy over the bones and tell them that God said he would bring the bones together to form living bodies again.he would breathe his breathe of life into them and they would live again.and then..well just read 37:12-14 for yourself to get to the really good part!)and i was just thinkin "wow,this is like, God saying that we will be fully alive when he breathes his life into us.we wont be unpassionate or unexcited about God.we will be ready to stand in boldness and live life boldly as we are called to do. the cool part here:i shared that with my friend Macy and she was just like,oh my gosh, check this out: God had just said to her(and she wrote it down) i will breathe my breathe of life in you....
how cool is he!so clearly,when he says something:he means business. what he tells us sometimes,its not just for me,its not just for you: its for the benefit of all His children.

relatively similar thing happened last Sunday: God told me Sunday during second service "hey,your gonna wanna wear water-proof mascara tonight" and i got this strong feeling that God was going to move big time in the service. so i told Abby what he said and she said she felt the exact same way about how the night service was going to be incredibly filled with powerful things. another connection God has made.

last night, i really,really,really felt God leading me to share what he had showed me in the scripture,but i was freaking out! one of my biggest uncomforbilities(im not afraid of it,i just dont like to!) is speaking in public! but i shared what he told me too, and i made it through. since when do you ask me to prophecy something God? dont you know that i dont like speaking? stick me in front of any number crowd with a piano or a microphone to sing with,but speaking is a different story!
well, i guess thats what i get for just recently admitting that i would like to get over my fear of praying aloud in public!(due to a traumatic 8th grade experience..but that's another story.)

my,my, i write,ramble alot!

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  1. you inspire me so much.
    i love you...
    future maid of honor.