Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Love Story

What would I do if not for you,who would I be all by myself?
Where would I be if you were not with me,to whom would I turn when desperate for help?
Oh it's you and only You who makes my world spin round,It's you and only you who romances me so wildly,it's you and oh only you who can calm the storm inside me.
Only you can take this restless heart and make this life renewed.
oh I love you forever more,you and only you.

You spin me around and around again, it's the most brilliant,pure dance.
You sweep me off my feet just to hold me close then you lead the dance and I follow you.
I've never been so in love before,I feel do incredible,not just another girl.
As my beloved takes my hand and he asks me to dance,
I am swept away and realize the one who is holds the world is holding my hand!
Romancing the heart,wooing me in this love story so divine,
capturing my attention,my heart leaps with glee.

His beauty:overwhelming. His charm:captivating.
The way he loves so tenderly and sweet,just the mention of his name makes me smile continuously! He sweeps me off my feet and will never let me fall!
My prince,my beloved,my true love, I'd not just a prince but the King of all.
And he calls me,he loves me,he beckons for me,and hold my hand.
I am loved OUTRAGOUSLY by The King of Kings
Loved Outragously for all my days.

1 comment:

  1. I thought at first that God used the words "spontaneously combust" ...and then I was jealous for a split second that God used such cool wording with you.
    ha. nevermind that.