Thursday, July 8, 2010

"so what do you wanna do in life?"

i've always hated this question. allot. because all i knew is that i wanted to worship, and lead people into God's presence through worship music.
but as of wednesday God shared with me a more specific purpose for my life. (praise God! i was getting kind of nervous! i mean, not to put a time limit on GOS but im a senior in high school so i dont have much time left!)
so next time someone asks me "so are you going to do after high school?'
i really wanna just tell them "I'm going to completely screw up the way worship ministry is done."
ya see,its a hard pill for me to swallow cause it's kind of overwhelming, but i had this idea on Monday afternoon that i really wanna change the way we do morning worship at's so dead and phases nearly no i had this little thought "i really want to revolutionize morning worship" and moved on with my daily chores. wednesday night God basically told me this and straight this. "you are going to help revolutionize worship ministrry."
so alrighty,there ya go. that's what Kaitlyn is going to do.and no, i'm not going to wait until I "grow up" for me to start working towards that. praise God He's told me "you're almost done all the growing you can do here." because I'm about to spontaneously combust.for real.

Just as a thought from God: lets start putting aside pansy prayers and repetive prayers about ourselves and focus on GOD. isnt that who we are praying to? have we all forgotten who and what life is about? if we haven't then why are our PRAYERS focused so much on us and so little on HIM and the needs and lost souls of the ones around us?
since when do we pray more about security of our knowing our own directions for the future instead of seeing the need to pray over the soul of a homosexual friend who will rot in hell if ways are not changed or praying over a friend who is trying to decide between abortion or life.

where have our priorities gone to?

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