Thursday, April 28, 2011

Senior Prom!

I thought I'd blog about this since i keep working on uploading pictures of it.
My Senior Prom was so great! I couldn't have asked for a better night!My date was my good friend, Alex Boothe :) and the rest of the group consisted of 10 of my incredible friends:Macy Ward,Ryan Taylor, Abby Newcomer, David Hall, Adrienne Robinson, Rory Boothe, Elly Newcomer, Tyler Brown, Emily McManus, and Kyle Holeman. That's a fun bunch if I'd ever heard of one!!!

Except for the music. the music sucked.
BUT me and Dave changed that for One song when we went to request The Cupid Shuffle :)

Prom Prep:
 the day before prom, Macy,Macy's Aunt Cindy, and I all went to get mani/pedis after mom met us at Cheddars for lunch for a mommy/daughter date. Then Saturday morning, Mom and I drove out to Ashley Chapman's house and she did my hair! she did such an awesome job, I loved it,and got soo many compliments on my hair! Then, at 2:30, all the girls in the group met at my house to all do makeup and get dressed together! I did my own and a few other girls' makeup. I LOVE doing makeup! 

Prom Pictures: 
All the boys met us at my house at 3:30 for some pictures and to put on corsages and boutonnieres. That was kind of nuts cause no one had a clue what to do except for the moms!ha! Then we met a friend of me and Macy-the Fabulous Abbi Berry, phototgrapher that started Smallest Sparrow Photography- in downtown Monroe to take our Prom pictures! She did a fantastic job and made the picture taking process lots of fun and not awkward at all! After we took some pictures there, we went to Antique Alley for some pictures, followed by a last set at our high school!

Dinner time!:
Instead of making dinner reservations at a typical restaurant, we decided to do a progressive dinner instead! For appetizers, we went to Adrienne's house and had lots of shrimp,fruits,veggies,pigs in a blanket, and good punch(along with so much more!). For the main course, we went to Ryan's house and had sparkling grape juice in wine glasses(that was a nice,legal touch! ha!), salad, steak and veggie kabobs, rolled green beans, rolls, and mashed potatoes! Mrs.Sheila is an AWESOME cook! Lastly, for dessert, we went to my house for strawberry shortcake, ice cream sundaes, cookies and brownies! I hate that i couldn't eat much for dessert but that was soooo much food!

The Dance:
We arrived at the West Monroe Convention Center for the dance around 9:30. The theme was Arabian, based on the "A Whole New World" idea. kinda neato. lots of draped decorations that reminded me of Rami from the fourth season of Project Runway. I first make a b-line to the ladies room with Abby to fix my dress, and find my highly intoxicated classmate puked everywhere.which was less than awesome. I think there were more girls in there than on the dance floor. We get out to the dance floor and everyone is "dancing" like they are trying to make babies. so instead, our group of 12, plus about 14 of our other friends make a dance/mosh circle/group like we do in Shockwave and had a blast!! everyone else that was grinding and doing___ avoided our group's dance area like we had a plague, but that just made it all the better! I didnt know 90% of the rap/r&b being played. so that stunk. Alex and I played some games, though didn't win anything. (Macy won a BluRay player though!) My good friend Alayna Rutledge and Tyler Cain won king&queen! we left near the end of the dance at about 12:45. The last dance was great because there was maybe about 20 other people besides our group on the floor :)

After Party!:
After Prom, everyone loaded up back at my house to change clothes. Adrienne, Rory, Kyle,and Emily left to go to a different house, but the rest of us stayed at my house all night. We played some Just Dance 2, played Honey, I Love You, and Swords. Then we basically just chilled around, talked, told stories,and were totally delirious! Then at about 6 a.m, Mom made us waffles and bacon!!! Then everyone else left and  Alex and I headed off for church!

Yes. We pulled an all-nighter. 
Yes. I thought I was going to die of exhaustion on Sunday.
Yes.It was totally worth it. :)


  1. oh man. i had a blast at prom and this just makes me miss it all the more! i sure do love everyone that went!

  2. Glad it was fun! Hopefully Ty will be able to rest his mind after seeing this blog...remind me not to ever have children.

    I love you!You looked beautiful!