Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homeless, not Hopeless.

Dear Tarrance,
Dear sir with small shades with the sticker still on them that only partially cover your kind eyes and with a cane that reminds of my papaw. You, with the bag of tattered clothing you collected for you and your sickly wife, have greatly inspired me. Mr.Tarrance, with sandals maybe half as old as you are, have taught me a very great lesson on being grateful with your repetitive response of "I'm just thankful".Your gracious smile with your snaggle tooth and all has made me think very hard about my current condition. My heart melted inside when you began quoting scripture along with the preacher while you were cradling your second plate of food for your dear wife. My heart was not melting because of what was being said, but yet out of listening to the pure joy in your voice that you know, as you said "that the sweet Lord lets you know where you're going through his word,thats for sure". Dear sir with next to nothing to call your own, you greatly inspired me when you said so proudly that you always read your bible everyday. And I then realized how pathetic I am.

You, Mr.Tarrance, standing outside in the chilly weather with me, unknowingly put me in my place. You are homeless, but you seem to be richer in spirit and have more faith and more hope than anyone I know. You may be homeless, but you are certainly not hopeless- for you personally very well know that you are an heir of the king of all. And you evidently work on your relationship with your Father everyday.

So tell me, Mr.Tarrance, why is it that someone in your position, probably not as highly educated as some and certainly not as financially stable as most, can memorize so much scripture and have such faith and confidence in God, that most people of higher worldly position don't have and don't do?
Our Priorities are so out of order. My priorities are so out of order.
You said without a bit of wavering faith that YOU KNOW your ill wife is going to be healed by Jesus. no hint of help of medicines or anything else. Just food,love, and Jesus.
What if I just relied on JUST that? I'm sure my faith would be stronger too. What if I,like you, spent my free time reading God's word  instead of doing any useless other thing possible? I bet I would have a lot of scripture memorized too!

I think it's time for change.
scratch that.
I know it's time for change. 

God, give me a pure heart, with pure motives, and pure faith and joy like Mr.Tarrance had. Make my desire to grow towards and in You and to please you always. Make my will be about Your way.

"I feel this dead heart beating now. This revelation makes me wanna shout, that JESUS has been sent, and everything is different." -Shane and Shane: Everything is different.


  1. Kaitlyn,
    Most people in world are plastic. Most don't want us to know the real them. Most are scared that we (the world) won't accept them, but sadly most just do not grasp The "Jesus Love" that he shared. Mr. Tarrance doesn't have to prove anybody anything. He has the most valuable thing a soul can have and that is intimate relationship with Christ.
    It wasn't just by chance that you came willingly today to help lead others to Jesus thru worship. But it was planned that a NOBODY, by the today's standards, spoke to you just as Jesus did 2,000+ years ago. The ones of old most rejected his words but the open heart of one still reaching for God's heart heard and felt powerful words.
    God is awesomea and he NEVER seems to show up in perfect timing just when we don't expect it.


  2. Kaitlyn, so proud of you for listening and letting God remind you, us of what is important. Thank you for blessing my heart with this message. Stay sensitive to his spirit and never stop listening & sharing.