Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tea time=Jesus Time

One of my favorite habits is having a ridiculous amount of tea every day. It's the equivalent of my sanity.
A couple cups every morning, afternoon, and before I sleep seems to be about the normal. I think my favorite part about this is not even revolving around the drink, but having the opportunity to just hold the cup,take in the warm as it heats my hands and soothes my throat, and stop for a moment... ah, what a blessed moment in life when you have the opportunity to just stop...just pause for a moment...selah.

It has been an insanely ridiculously crazy week. Life is such a roller coaster of highs and lows.
               Really highs, and really lows.
First, I find that I'm going to be an aunt in May!!!!
I couldn't be happier! well sort of... I told Emily not to get pregnant while I'm gone and she gets pregnant as soon as I'm gone! punk. haha, but really, I'm SOO excited! Emily and Ty will be great parents and I can't wait to be Aunt Kate! I'm going to get tons of "Mum" things while they're at my accessibility here down under ;)
Then! I get an email from Lee University (one of the few colleges I applied to for Fall 2012), the one that I have mainly wanted to go to for a few years now, but didn't think I'd be able to because of expenses. The email said that they had revised my application and offered me a full ride!! this is such a blessing and answered prayer, because my prayer about this college was "God, if this is where you want me to go, you will provide the way to be able to go there". He so did, and is so good!

Low side-Not feeling so well here lately-idk what's up with that. but it's not fun. But, I will be healed and feeling better-In Jesus' Name. and also=Bed bugs.yes, full fledged bed bugs.they are gone now, but it has been a not fun beginning of the week, I tell you. They were just in mine and Rooney's room,thankfully not the entire flat! but still- that's ZERO fun. Threw out all of our mattresses, had to clean as much as humanly possible, wash&dry (in hot, hot heat,mind you) literally every item Rooney and I own that has a bit of fabric on it. (oh btw- I found some pillows EXPLODE in the washing machine...who knew.) sooo that's been heaps of fun. BUT- The laundry is finished, and God has been good to me.  blessing #1:Two friends offered  mattresses! So by Friday, Rooney and I both will have beds to sleep on again! blessing #2:Good friends that just cook me lunch or dinner when I am busy and don't have time or energy to do it myself! sooo nice on weeks like this! blessing #3-another friend gave me pillows!including a body pillow!(if you know me, you know these are one of my favorite things in the world!)! Things may be challenging sometimes, but it's in the times where you can't help anything on your own, that you see God come through on your behalf. And also when you get to see how much people care and how awesome your friends are :) so thank you, everyone!

perspective, perspective. I have a lovely flat in Sydney, Australia, with a fantastic view of the city, a place to lay my head, food in the cabinets, great friends, church, and family.
God is good, all the time.
So as I sit here on my mattress, drinking my cuppa (thats aussie for cup of tea, or cup of coffee),- black tea with one dash of milk, and a tad of sugar, I breathe it in, am reminded to keep perspective and know that God is good, all the time. Selah.

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