Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh The Places I Could Go...

If you know me at all, You know I LOVE to Travel. I have 3 main passions in life

  1. God(worshiping God and living for Him)
  2. Music (of any sort)
  3. Traveling( absolutely anywhere)
If I had the opportunity to travel the entire world, I would in a heartbeat! There are a few main places though that I simply MUST go to during my life time.

First stop- Sydney, Australia!
So I get to live HERE for a year!! I'm so excited God has opened this amazing door of opportunity in my life!!
From the Sydney Harbor, to Bondi Junction. From Waterloo to the Sydney Opera House.. I will seize every bit of this beautiful city full of life,art, and culture.

After my ventures in Australia, I am not too picky with what order I visit where.... so here goes the rest of my list :)

breathtaking isn't it?
My mom's side of the family is Irish so that's part of the reason my mom and I have always wanted to go. It also seems just so peaceful and amazing.... and has cold weather!!!

Moscow, Russia:
I really have no real reason for wanted to visit here. It just looks cool to me.I mean, look how cool this is? who wouldn't want to visit here? There's also lots to do!

There are a number of places in France I would like to visit(or revisit!)

This is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe. This is a real picture, not a painting! So incredible picturesque and quaint!

New York, New York:
start spreadin' the news.... I'll be there someday... 
There is SO much to do and explore in New York City! 

Boston, Massachusetts:
I have no idea why... But I've always been obsessed with the idea of exploring as many bike trails of Boston as possible. It's about time for me to explore the east coast!

I have known for years that I'm called to do some missions work in India. among other things.. :) (that may be explained later if asked about).
There is something about India that strums such a chord in my heart that my every bit of me goes out to the people and children of this country. I cannot wait to go there someday and spread the love of God with them :)

there are so many places in Italy I want to go.... so just anywhere in Italy in general is great to me! 
But of all other cities, I would want to go to Venice the most!
Venice!! I want to ride in a Gondola for sure!
MILAN!it's only like, the fashion capitol of the world!

So yes. Those are my top 8 places I've always wanted to go to. I've already had quite a few places knocked off this list because of the awesome opportunities to go to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Lucerne, Zurich, Paris, Normandy(Omaha Beach), just about any beautiful beach in Florida, and almost every part of Texas. 

I hope you dare to dream and to explore the world and experience all the opportunities that present themselves in life. Thank God for every open door, every plane hop, every road trip, and every chance to experience the world he created, and you're life will continuously be enriched :)

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