Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh the places I have been... Normandy, France- Omaha Beach

Normandy Beach:
I went with the WMHS choir on D-Day of 2010. It was one of the most hallowed, memorable places I have ever been to. I took all of these pictures while I was there, and I would love to go back someday, maybe with my children, and share with them the feelings of being at such a sacred place.

I realize these pictures are all out of order.
The graves of the brave souls went on and on and on...
WMHS Choir sang here to present the wreath for the wreath laying ceremony.
such a wide expanse.... the very place where the attack occurred. most beaches are noisy,and crowded....this is a beach unlike any other.

I took this while standing in the water just to give an idea of how far away the top land was and what a dangerous trek it was to just make it to the grass. so much open space, so many places to hide.

The man in the white shirt was a veteran from France who was a part of the invasion. He lost his best friend during the attack that day. His son, in the blue, stands with him to recollect and to comfort and translate for his father as he told his own and his old friend's story.

one of the hardest things to see while there....
"Here rests in honored glory, a comrade in arms known but to God."
some so disfigured or unmarked/untagged that they are unrecognizable.
so many families that have no idea where their loved ones are buried. 
ya know... I'm not really sure what this represented, but it was massive and beautiful.
here it is!

me, aly, and alayna after visiting the beach

the begining of the long walk to the water

the beginning of the long walk down towards the beach

okay.that's all of Normandy I'll post on here for now..

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