Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh the places I have been... Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich was the first place I ever went to over seas! It was an amazing, stunning city in Switzerland! Even though battling major jet lag after 2 days of traveling, I had a wonderful time here for the about 4 hours i spent here.

group chillin' while our director and tour guides discuss the plan for the day

swiss candy store! load up on sugar/energy!

it's a gummy of the swiss flag. it was delish.

it was June, but the water was freezing!

apparently dogs walk themselves here...

the door of the church below had pictures of famous bible stories on them!

awesome telephone booth!

my first European meal was at starbucks because it was the only menu i could read!
yum hot chocolate and ham&cheese croissant!
the first croissant of way too many...

I loved Zurich! I spent forever in an awesome H&M. I wish I would have had more energy and time to spend while here, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

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