Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh the places I have been... Lucerne, Switzerland

 After the Choir went to Zurich, we went ahead to the beautiful Lucerne. After we drop off our luggage at the hotel, we explore the old town for several hours. The second day, we toured around all parts of the town, lead by some tour-guide-locals. That night, we sang in the Jesuit church in Lucerne for their Wednesday night mass! It was an incredible experience!

isn't it gorgeous!

 busy old town
so many pretty swans everywhere all the time!
look at this view!those are the Swiss Alps in the background!

 this is the famous Tower Bridge of Lucerne. the story goes it caught on fire many years ago and it's still standing. that's pretty hardcore if you ask me.
i have no idea what that was, but it was HUGE!

My view of Old Town from the bridge.

how cute is this! i love it! i had the best gelato ever from the place with all the umbrellas.

My group(Brooklyn and her mom,aka my chaperone, Mrs.Jennifer,and I) got tired of trying to read german menus, so we settled for McDonalds for lunch :) and look! the trash can says danke! how cute.
the Train station! It almost doubled as a mall, with it's grocery store( Co-Op is the bomb!) shops,and restaurants!good ol' paul eatin in the cafe at the station

these little cookie sandwiches were originated here in switzerland! 

 market! once a month, there is a street market here. it was great and had good deals!
 free coffee from the lady in the green shirt. she hand made the cups!they tasted like dirt though :/

 this is the church we sang in!

 the famous Lion monument. it was soo stunning!

the hotel:

 my roomie, Aly Janes!
 yes folks, this is actual size. and no, there is no shower door nor curtain.

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