Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh the places I have been... Paris, France (pt.1)

We spent quite a few days in Paris, and saw and experienced SO much that it would be over kill to post about the whole time there in one blog post!

First stop-The hotel:
views from my room!look!you can even see the tip of the Eiffel Tower!

yes.this is my converter hanging out of the window. It caught on fire and was smoking BAD when I tried to use my straightener. note:american straighteners just don't like Europe.dont even try it.
aly and i were kind of messy...but there's NO room in these hotels.
 beautiful sunsets where at 10 p.m!
the circular shape of the hotel made the halls look like a cruise liner! 

The City!:
 yes. it really looks just like this-amazing!


Le champs elysees!

interesting architecture.

city scene:my view of the town from the 4th floor of Louis Vuitton!The right picture is the inside of that floor, it was superb!(and then I got busted and almost had my camera confiscated!woops..)
brooklyn and I outside of the Biggest Louis Vuitton!

Dôme des Invalides:
this is Napoleon's tomb. He is apparently in 6 different parts and therefore has 6 different tombs.It all sounds pretty gruesome to me, but it was a stunning building regardless.

all the gold on this door is REAL gold!

 such a HUGE building...or crypt..or both..

how magnificent is this ceiling!!!

so i would have gotten to take more pictures the first full day there....but my camera died. :( soo i pulled some pictures of St.Germain de Paris, where our choir sang that night, from Ryan Taylor's camera!
this is the oldest church in paris!
 waiting outside until we performed
this is our concert that afternoon!

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