Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh the places I have been... Switzerland-France

so.after Lucerne, we treked off to Paris! However, this was an 11 hour a bus of 76 people. it,interesting.and lloooongg. BBUUTT! I felt like I was exploring the land of Belle from Beauty and the Beast! It was simply charming (the scenery, that is.) so, here goes the gorgeous french countryside!:
 my bus buddy- Ethan!
 bus buddies across the aisle- savannah and rachel!
 and so the journey begins..
how cute!!little cottages

there were MANY castles along the way!how cool is that!
okay. i love this guy-but this was torture. He bought Chicken&thyme flavored/scented chips at the french gas station. they tasted JUST like baked a chip.yuck. but they smelled SO TERRIBLE.made the trip,ugh.

cottages everywhere..

 finally in Paris! look at that traffic!!

and this is the beginning of our adventure in Paris :)

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