Friday, July 15, 2011

I will Follow

Let the world see your grace in my hands. Let them hear your name on my lips.
Be my strength when I'm weak, a peace beyond understanding.

And when the world fades away, and no one will call Your Name...

I will go. I will follow You to the ends of the Earth.

I will follow you, anywhere you want me to. I will follow you, anywhere you want me too.
-Flood. = I will follow.

sooo as being on of the co-writers of this infamous Shockwave anthem, It means a great deal to me. However, I will be the first to say-there was a time in life where I was sick of it from playing it SO much, but it's okay because I still and have always loved it. Anyways, I do have a point here.
Clearly, song lyrics have meaning, especially worship songs. Sometimes worship songs are "sticky" business because lyrics you sing  can become the prayers of your heart, and those prayers become your heart song, and that is what God longs to get from you.(I am reminded of a quote- You did not desire a song, but a heart that would bring you one.)
So,when "I will follow you, anywhere you want me to" became my heart song, God took me seriously.(As he should, because it was a serious statement/confession/proclamation/prayer of mine).  I vividly remember a conversation God and I had during band practice one Sunday morning in November 2009
"Anywhere, Kaitlyn?" 
                  "Uhhh, yeah?"
         "So you really mean that.?"
                            "yes. I do. Anywhere, Anytime, Any place. I have no clue where I'd be otherwise."
         "Well then Go to Australia. Go here."
                       (random Hillsong interview video starts playing on the screens. the video is an interview of the woman who wrote Desert Song and her story behind it.)
                          *Kaitlyn's mini-breakdown quietly inside during practice
        "You said anywhere. I've got you. Follow me. This is where you need to be."

So yes. Moral of the Story here- There are a good number of what we consider "dangerous" prayers in life. The 3 most dangerous prayers I can think of:

  1. "Break my heart for what breaks yours,God"
  2. "I will follow you anywhere you want me to"
  3. "make me uncomfortable with my current state."
I've prayed all three of these. He'll do it for ya if ya mean it, I promise. 

And like Ty always says "I will follow you anywhere doesn't just mean far off places like Australia, Japan, or Africa. Anywhere includes your schools,your family, your friends, and every aspect of your life". So I encourage you to not limit yourself to thinking of "callings" as "oh i'm called to Zimbabwe, Brazil, Germany,China,etc.." As a christian, everyone is commissioned to go and make disciples for God's namesake. Your call is to be a witness to those around yo,wherever you may be, Right Now an in the future.

God takes matters of the heart seriously, so mean what you sing :)


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