Tuesday, July 26, 2011


okay, soooo where to start, where to start! there's so much to say! okay so basics....

Weather- when I first got here, the weather was absolutely miserable. it was freezing(like, 7 degrees Celsius..idk what that is in Fahrenheit,but it's cold.) and it was raining ALL THE TIME. everyone kept apologizing for the weather and was like "oh, you came at the worst time, this is the wettest week Sydney's had in 60 years"......oh joy. but it has gotten warmer, and dryer, and it's great weather for the past few days, especially today, it's beautiful outside! it's about 60 degrees( Fahrenheit) and sunny! Praise the Lord!so things are looking up!

Housing- I was so blessed to be put in a flat(apartment)  people that already lived here, so EVERYTHING i needed was already here, i.e couches, fridge,microwave,tv,furniture, dishes,etc.. so that was such a blessing!I'm in the flat with 3 1 year,second semester girls,all americans, and they're great :) I'm rooming with a girl named Rooney, and then the two girls in the other room are Caroline and Deirdra. They've all been great and sweet and keep me laughing. I'm on the 9th floor of the Meriton apartments, and have a balcony with an awesome view of the city skyline! we have a balcony off of the living room,kitchen,living room, dining area, 2 bedrooms,and 2 bathrooms(each with shower,sink,toilet,and GIANT bathtub). it's nice, i like it alot. It's only about an 8 minute walk from the Campus so it's not a bad walk at all.

Church life- I am LOVING being a part of Hillsong Church! I have only been to a few services but the ones i've been to were such a blessing and just awesome. I've been to Chapel twice(church service just for the college on tuesdays and fridays),Powerhouse(young adult ministry for 18-25 year olds),Fuel(youth for 7-9th graders),Sisterhood(the amazing women's ministry at the church),and then the Saturday night service...off the charts amazing! I'll soon plug into a connect group(small groups on tuesday nights) and then get more involved in the weekend services starting this week. i'm pretty excited! God is moving :)

College!- Enrollment and orientation last week was great! Got to meet alot of the new intakes and kinda get a little bit of the swing of how things work around here. Then I had my first day of school yesterday! it was fantastic! like, bible college is the best, i'm pretty sure. the first 2 weeks are called Intensives...and now i know why... it's class from 10-5:30 on one topic(yesterday's was alll about Teamwork), and sooo it's a ton of really great information at one time, but it's soo good. we also had chapel yesterday during school hours and that was great! it's so cool to be in church as part of College. But yeah, i'm not real sure about how the rest of it goes yet, but i'll find out soon enough! during intensives, student's are off on mondays and wednesdays. sooo it's a nice break.

well that's all for now, but will update more soon!

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  1. i told you the weather would do that! ;) im glad you like it over there! Miss ya!