Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aussie update

okay guys! random update! so i can't really think of anything in specific to update about, but i haven't posted in a few weeks or so, so i figured i should :)

Things here are going fantastically! Ah, man, i sure do love it here!
I guess i could start talking about my classes!
I have mondays off, so so far those have been my catch-up/homework/assessment doing days for the most part. On Tuesdays, I start the day with 6:45 a.m choir rehearsal for chapel,then i'm normally back at my flate before 8:30,then back to school at 10 and have a New Testament lecture with Duncan Corby. Great class,and Duncan makes it so interesting! then chapel!which is always so good, lunch, and then Christian Doctrine lecture with Tracy Barrell. challenging,informative,in depth,but fantastic. wednesday is my most busy day for sure!we go from 10-5 with a 30 minute lunch break. we do Church History tutorial(tutorials=where we break down in our core group of 25 and discuss in depth what we learned about in the lecture), World Religions tutorial, Church History lecture with Tracy, and then Core Tutorial time!we in our core of the 25 of us that are all youth&young adult pathway students, we do more tutorials on Personal Evangelism, Christian Doctrine, and Teamwork. i love my Core! and within my core i'm in a team of Five of us, we named ourselves "the blondes"..because we are all blonde..yeah,its good :)
Thursdays are my easy day! We have sisterhood in the morning, which is always good! and then about 2 hours later i have Person Evangelism lecture with Catrina Henderson, the city campus president. Then on Friday, 9 a.m World Religions lecture with Katie Peters(she's my core tutorial leader), 2 hour break, then Chapel, lunch, and New Testament tutorial!

then begins fieldwork and church life..
so being in the Youth pathway, i'm a leader in the year 7 tribe!on tribe Loco :) (team lo-mexican-co)(which is the best!) but further along that, i'm also on the Creative team for Fuel, which consists of decorating and all that jazz for Fuel every week after my last tutorial(about 4 p.m) until the leaders meeting at 6:15, then Fuel starts at 7:30! and on Sundays I serve on Car Park for the 8:00 service, and in Ravaque for the 9:45 service(or that's what the plan looks like for now) it's fun! i enjoy sundays, then i typically go to on of the saturday service and the sunday night service. love it :)

I've gotten okay at cooking here lately, i really enjoy it! i've started to love cooking and baking. the gym is super convenient, it's literally right outside of my flat. that's fun and nice. I love going into the city whenever i can! man, sydney is so convenient, it's like a 40 minute walk into the city, about 30 minute bus to the beach, only about 2 hours to the mountains! I love it here! and I have so many relationships with so many incredible people here, it's astounding :) so many fun movie nights,dinners, coffee dates, etc. love all of those folks so much!

that's all i can think of for now! let me know if there's anything i should write about in particular or anything! love you all!

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  1. great to hear all about your life down you and miss you on the platform with us...Aunt Sue